Graduate Results Day!

Yesterday, over 100,000 Open University students received their results. A figure on a piece of paper does nothing to describe the level of commitment required to study in this way. Many university students attend a brick university work extremely hard to study for their modules, the hard work pays off and they are to be heavily congratulated. However, Open University students are studying as a distance learner which means you have to quickly develop an extremely high level of personal motivation and time management skills. Imagine that you’ve come home after a busy day at work, or, you are a stay at home parent of young children. Both of these roles require energy, patience, resilience and dedication. Now, imagine that on top of these duties, you also have the usual chores to do, dinner to cook etc, children to get to bed, homework to ensure is ready. Then, somehow, you have to carve out time to also study for a degree! How? Part-time is classed as an average of 16 hours a week. Maybe at Level 1 (equivalent to 1st year at a brick Uni), this is true. However, as you go up each level, you will need to increase that study time somehow. Another factor for many OU students is that they study from home because they have an illness or disability that makes study at a brick university almost impossible. I have read such inspirational accounts from students that have left me awe-struck with their determination to succeed, despite the many obstacles that makes it so very hard. Study with the OU is by no means a soft option and should never be seen as the easy way to get a degree that isn’t even real.

Seriously the amount of people considering an OU degree to not be a proper degree is startling! Yes, the OU allows ANYONE access to study, regardless of lack of previous qualifications. However, because the OU is not an elitist establishment, please don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s not a ‘real’ university. According to a recent study, the majority of  FTSE 100 companies send employees to study with this fantastic university. You don’t get to be a FTSE 100 company by making daft decisions. This is just one example of how well-regarded the Open University is, in the business world. Employers are beginning to realise the levels of determination that it takes to be an OU student and how much this skill (among so many others) can be of benefit to their workforce. If you know anyone that studies/has studied with the OU, that person is amazing in so many ways. They have an astonishing amount of resilience and drive and their abilities in planning, time management and  multi-tasking are really to be admired. Studying with the OU is not for the faint hearted but I would highly recommend it to anyone, of any age, that is looking for a challenge or change in direction. If you’ve, considered it and are unsure it’s right for you, there are a large number of free short courses online at the Open University website – just google Open Learn and it will take you straight there. A word of caution: study can be highly addictive! 😆😉

How do I know so much about the OU? Well, yesterday, after 6 years of blood, sweat and tears, I was extremely honoured to formally accept the offer of a 2:1 for my BA (Honours) Humanities with Literature. I am now looking at Masters degrees that would suit me after I have taken a well-deserved 12 month break. My graduation ceremony is in November (because of the venue I chose), on my birthday, and I will stand, shoulder to shoulder, with extreme pride, among an amazingly talented bunch of graduates, of which I am honoured to be counted. I will then formally be a member of a fantastic Alumni that is peppered with a ‘few’ celebrities that have been granted honorary doctorates. It is going to be a fantastic celebration that I will always cherish.



So, I did a ‘thing’, I registered with an agency called ‘Tutora’. Tutora provides a great link-up service, a register if you like, of tutors across Britain so that students and/or parents of students can find a tutor in their area that is exactly right for them.
Tutors can be found by subject or location, so really, it couldn’t be easier to find the right tutor that is the exact fit for your study needs.
You can find my profile here. Don’t forget that the links on this page will take you to me on Facebook, or you can contact me by email if you prefer.

I hope you’re having a great Sunday, whatever you have planned, and that next week is happy as well as productive!

Summer SLUMP

Summer Slump

We all love the summer, who doesn’t? The weather, that warm sunshine, the promise of which, kept us going during those dark winter months. The parties, festivals, BBQ’s, happiness and general good times with friends. What is their NOT to love about the summer? Well, it turns out, as a student, too much fun (what?) can be detrimental to future your study time. Yes…next term seems like a lifetime away and now is the time for fun, to relax and celebrate finally finishing last year! However, in all seriousness, a regular block of time set aside for some pre-term study can make an incredible difference to your overall performance as a student and improve your grades and future exam results. According to an article from The Telegraph, ‘educators and policymakers are increasingly promoting summer learning as a key strategy to improving the achievement of low-performing students’.*

‘Ok’, you ask, ‘so what should I do?’ Well a good place to start would be to get a copy of the ‘required reading’ list for the coming year. Get as many of the set texts as you can and read them throughout the summer break. Make notes – bullet points are fine – of anything that strikes you as standing out from the overall text. Can you see where the author is establishing themes in the text. Do you think the narrative voice is taking an authorial stance on a major point, or remaining ambivalent? You do not need to go into great detail, these brief notes will be of great use to you when you come to study the text in more detail.
Reading around the subject is another useful tip. Find another book that tackles similar issues – how are they the same or different? If you can read at least one more text by the same author, you will then have a broader knowledge of their overall style. In essence, the more you read, the more you will learn and the better prepared you will be at the START of the new term. This will also build your confidence in your overall abilities as a student. When you read, asking questions about the text, you are reading CRITICALLY. Rather than the usual passive reading, you will engage with the text on multiple levels which creates stronger thought patterns in the brain – encouraging you to look deeper, further, into the ideas behind the text. As you improve in this area, your critical analysis skills develop on a more general level. With practise, you will automatically slip into a mode of reading that finds you asking questions, such as ‘‘what does the author mean by this?’ One of the ways we learn is by asking questions and the more questions we ask, the more information we collate. This skill is as important outside the classroom or lecture hall, as it is inside. In countless scenarios, we need to make decisions and we can only make a decision based on the information that we have.
More information leads to better informed decisions. It is so easy to make a bad choice and so, make YOUR choices INFORMED choices.
If there are areas of your study, with which you particularly struggle – we all have them! Then it might be time to invest in some private tuition on that particular subject. Private tuition allows for one-to-one sessions designed to establish your weak points and build upon them. We will establish a baseline, given your average grade, which will tell us where we need to focus our energies. From that point on, we can map out where you are aiming to be and what you need to work on to get there. As you improve in the areas you were originally struggling with, your self-confidence will also improve and then…it’s all there for you, just waiting for you to make the most of it. Literature is like a, never-ending, non-restricted, travel ticket that is yours for completely unlimited use. You can travel to any place, realistic or fantastic, at any time and live the lives of those inside the covers.
I have a genuine passion for literature, poetry or prose, historical or contemporary, realistic or fantastic. I LOVE WORDS. Where would we be without words? Words help us to express how we feel, describe what we are seeing, hearing, touching or tasting. How else would we be able to order our favourite ice-cream or tell someone we love them? Imagine a world without words. If you close your eyes and think about it, I bet adjectives pop up left, right and centre. How do we describe a world without words?
Even if you decide you do not need a private tutor for this coming year, do yourself the favour of feeling prepared and confident right at the START of the new term. Read ahead! Get to know your subject. Do a bit of background research.
Why get caught in the slump, when you can stand on-top of the mountain?
*McCarney, July 03,2015, The Telegraph, ‘School holidays around the world: do they affect pupil performance?’

Tutor Information…

Location: Central Ludlow (SY8) – Within Town Centre

Subjects: English Language, English Literature, Creative Writing

Stages: Key Stage 3 – A Level  *Mature Students are also very welcome!

Support Available: General Study (according to the curriculum), Exam Preparation and Revision Planning

Tutorial Style Available: One to One face to face tuition in a quiet public setting eg: Library or Café at off-peak times. This is offered as a way of establishing initial trust, whilst ensuring the personal safety and peace of mind of both the student and tutor. A Skype session may be available, if required, if the student has a disability which would make attending a physical session difficult. This can arranged at the time of booking. My aim is to support the student as best as possible within reasonable means.

Session 1 will always focus on allowing time for the student to acclimatize and relax so that we can establish what level we are at with the subject we plan to study and come to an agreement on where we need to place the bulk of our efforts – study priorities!

Times Available (During Term Time): Monday-Friday 5pm – 7pm  *Closed Tuesdays

Saturday 10am – 6pm

Sunday    12pm – 3pm

Outside Term Times: Will be arranged if required

Session Price: Monday – Saturday £20 per 1 hour session Sunday £25 per 1 hour session

Bookings being taken for Academic Year 2017/18. Book early to guarantee a place!

  • EARLY BOOKING OFFER DURING JULY 2017: BOOK 3 SESSIONS IN A BLOCK GET THE 3RD HALF PRICE Eg: Mon-Fri £20 per 1 hour = 3 x 1 Hour Sessions = £60 (Offer Price = £50)

*Booking Information: Bookings to be established via Email. Confirmation of session(s) booked will be sent by email on clearance of deposit paid to Paypal . Please keep confirmation Email as a means of your receipt.

**Deposit Information: 25% of overall session cost to be left as a deposit at time of booking. This will be followed by the remaining balance to be paid in full at the end of each session. Deposit is not refunded if session is cancelled less than 24hrs before we are due to start unless the session is cancelled for genuine health/sickness reasons. Deposits will also be lost in the instance of a ‘no-show’. Repeated cancellations/no-shows will result in a termination of our agreement and the student no longer able to make bookings! I have put these measures in place as I am serious about this service and want to ensure that sessions are filled with keen students, rather than left empty when I could be assisting somebody with improvement of their study grades. Please ensure you are familiar with these terms and conditions before you consider booking with us but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any enquiries.

***Cancellations made more than 24hrs before session date will give you the option of having your deposist refunded or carried over to other dates in the case of re-booking.

Thank you for understanding, I look forward to working with you!





Name: Sarah Scott

Telephone (Mobile): 07547162201





*Please feel free to contact me for more information or to book a session. I will endeavour to get back to within 24 hours, but in extenuating circumstance, the latest will be within 2-3 working days.







About Me…

Hello, my name is Sarah and I hope to be able to assist you in your study of English Language and Literature and/or a number of the Humanities subjects. I also have an academic knowledge of Creative Writing. Having studied two Creative Writing university modules, written poetry, a script for a stage-play and published prose fiction, I believe that I have gained knowledge that would ideally serve anyone starting their journey as a budding writer.

I am a 44 year-old mature student, who, following six years of part-time study, has had the privilege of recently accepting my final degree classification of a 2:1 for my BA (Hons) Humanities with Literature. I returned to study with The Open University in 2011 with a view to gaining a degree, purely for personal growth. My passion has always been words, either spoken or on the page. A lifelong love of reading, established in childhood, helped develop this passion into a borderline obsession with literature. My personal journey with The Open University helped stoke this further and I plan to begin study for my Masters Degree in English in 2018, with my long-term objective being to lecture in English for The Open University to support other students in the same manner that I, myself, was supported during my own time as a student.

Home-educating my own children made me realise how much pleasure there is in watching a student develop their skills so that they grow to achieve their personal potential. This period also resulted in me become extremely familiar with the changing demands of the national curriculum, meaning that I’m very aware of how important such changes are to each student. Initially, I would help the student establish a baseline of their present abilities in whichever subject they are employing me to assist them with in order to highlight the weak areas so that we can examine them in detail and create an action-plan that would enable us to build upon the weaker points and improve school/college grades whilst simultaneously developing the student’s confidence in their ability.

I am accomplished in critical thought and analysis, whilst being extremely capable at planning and structuring essays, developing points and constructing arguments. These skills would be utilised in order to help each student further develop their own assignments in accordance with the requirements of their courses, whilst simultaneously improving their language and grammar skills. I am also a gifted communicator with a flair for the creative, that would work hard to make each session relevant to the individual student rather than relying on the ‘one-size fits all’ approach popular with many of our schools and colleges. My time as an OU student has taught me excellent time management and planning skills which would benefit the student that is preparing for examinations. In conclusion, I believe I have an excellent balance of skill sets that would be employed to help my student improve their overall capability in whichever subject they have chosen me to help them better understand.Gaining a better understanding of a subject that was, previously, challenging significantly improves your self-confidence and overall production as both a student and individual.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please contact me if you feel I can be of help.

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